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About Laura

Laura Pauley

With extensive experience of overseeing two of Hampshire’s busiest press teams, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, as well as managing the press and communications activity for a major UK visitor attraction, British Airways i360 Viewing Tower; Laura is skilled at creating engaging marketing and communication strategies, protecting a large organisation’s reputation, handling media at the scene of an incident, high-profile inquest and event.

Laura Pauley is a former reporter, a PR and Communications Specialist, the author of two books, My Summer Bump and My Asian Summer; and the Director of Love Saves The Day PR and Communications.

With a journalism background, Laura has written articles for national magazines and newspapers, and has a wealth of experience in creating content and filming schedules. She has organised and overseen the recording of news reports, live TV broadcasts and documentaries.

Laura is the Director of Love Saves The Day PR and Communications, completing PR assignments on behalf of small and medium sized businesses and celebrities.

Working as a reporter Laura had written many stories but in 2009 and pregnant with her first child, she decided to turn the pen on herself – writing a memoir about her struggle with a ‘single’ pregnancy.

Following the success of My Summer Bump Laura was offered a weekly newspaper and magazine column documenting her life as a single mother. After 18 months of writing about her life and working as a freelance reporter, she left journalism behind and entered the fast-paced world of media-handling, PR and communications.

When her daughter reached five years of age, Laura packed up their bags and the pair backpacked across Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, later turning their adventure into the travel memoir, My Asian Summer.

“Within 10 months of starting my first book, it was launched in Waterstones, however the second book was not such an easy process – it took me five years to complete, finally launching in September 2019!”


Both books received local and national media attention, with articles in Fabulous Magazine, The Sun, BBC radio for both books, four-page spread in Mother and Baby magazine; three-page spread in the Portsmouth News for both books, Chichester Observer for both books; Wave 105, Etc magazine, Pregnancy and Birth… amongst others.

Since her journalism days, Laura has worked for Hampshire Fire and Rescue where she was heavily involved the four-week Shirley Towers inquest in which sadly two firefighters lost their lives.

Remaining in the public sector Laura spent many years working for Portsmouth Hospitals where she handled challenges such as poor CQC reports, protests and strikes, inquests; a week’s worth of live filming for the daytime TV show This Morning, TV series filming for shows such as Embarrassing Bodies, Fat Doctors and Fat Surgeons; as well as lots of proactive packaging and pitching of stories to the press – to which she accelerated at.

Leaving the public sector Laura moved to the British Airways i360 Viewing Tower in Brighton where she has achieved great success, including obtaining a reach of 350-million+ on a story that she developed and pitched to the press.

“Laura is an excellent communicator and a great writer. Hardworking, friendly and efficient, Laura is an asset to any organisation.”

Dominic Blake, BBC News reporter and Producer